Do you support the script 1-2-3 music store?

Question :


I want to run a script called the 1-2-3 music store ( on my account. This system has the following requirements:

Php version 4.1 or later
Php SAFE_MODE needs to be OFF
MySQL database version 3.23 or later
Does my account on your service meet these requirements?
Thank you.


Yes, all those requirements are met. The script should run and install. Please note that we have not used the script ourselves and cannot provide help with the install. However all the requirements are met and the script should run fine on your account with us.

Do you offer fixed / static IP addresses and dedicated IP addresses

Question :

Hi, I need to know if you can provide me a fixed IP. I need it because I want to conect to a xml web service, and they have to know my IP to give me permission to the web service.



Yes, your account will have a fixed IP.

Do you also mean a dedicated IP? We can provide that as well (no charge) but you’ll need to put in a request for it.

Do you support tar, gzip, zip, unzip, bzip, etc. ?


Just getting started with you. I’m migrating from another ISP. I have a tar file (sizable) with my site content. Do you have a tool on board for unpacking this? How might I use it?




No problem. All the standard unix tools are pre-installed. You can ssh to your account and use your account nearly exactly like a standard linux box (except that you do not have root access on it 🙂

All those tools are in :




however your paths are set so you can just type the command and it will work for you.

Let me know if you need anything else!