How Do I determine the full path to a directory?


I have a script that is asking for the full path to a file. How do I determine this?



The full path would be:


plus the rest of the path in your ftp.

For example if it was in your


dir it would be :


if it was in :


it would be :


Be sure to replace :


with your actual username

Also, keep in mind that all server paths are case-sensitive. Use all lowercase unless one of your directories has capital letters in it.

Does do regular back-ups of my data?

Yes, we do daily back-ups, but they are overwritten every 24 hours. The main purpose of these back-ups is for emergency recovery of a server in case of hardware failure, etc. These back-ups are not really meant for a personal back-up in case of accidental file deletion, etc. We strongly suggest that you always keep a recent back-up of your site for these types of situations.

If you ever do need something recovered, you must notify us within 24 hours of the problem in order for us to pull the back-up before it is overwritten with the new (or blank) data. Please tell us specifically what file/directory you need a copy of and when the file/directory was deleted.

Please put “back-up request” in the subject line of your help desk request.