Using TLS with POP3 (SSL)

When using POP3 on our servers, it is advised you use the encrypted connection option. There are several standard methods for encrypting POP3 so your mail program will have several options. Use the option “SSL/TLS” – the wording will vary with each mail program.

In general you should use:

port 995

You will likely receive a warning about the SSL certificate the server is using. Usually the message will say that the certificate does not match the name of your mail server. This is because the SSL certificate is assigned to the actual name of your server ( and not your particular domain name ( The connection is still 100% secure and encrypted. Your mail program is only altering you to the fact that the name of the certificate is not the same as your domain name.

Tell your mail program to accept the certificate and the warning should not appear again. The only way to totally avoid these errors is to upgrade to a dedicated server and purchase your own SSL certificate. Contact support if you are interested in this upgrade.

Note: If the SSL errors persist you can also avoid SSL errors by using:

instead of

for the incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) servers. However this is not recommended. It will work but could cause problems in the future if your internal mail server changes in the future. Using ensures that any internal changes is transparent and never requires you update your mail settings. Your should only use as a last resort if you are using a mail program which refuses to permit that name-mismatched SSL certificate.

Can I run a server process?


Do you allow us to run a web server application i.e a server process (multithreaded). My application is an online pdf generator. My traffic is going to be very less i.e it is for private use.


These types of question are hard to answer because it can depend so much from case to case. In general we recommend that
you try the app out and see if you hear from us. If there is a problem we will disable the app and let you know. In most cases it is fine.

There are a few server processes that we do not allow: bnc, bots, etc. – anything IRC related (sorry but cause of many problems) .

I wrote a very basic cgi script but it doesn’t work

If you are trying to write a basic “hello world” type cgi but keep getting:

500 error response – Internal Server Error

Make sure the first line of output from your script is:

print “Content-type: text/htmlnn”;

All cgi’s (in any language) need to output a header line, followed by two newline characters (n) before any “regular” output is done from the script.

Also, check that you have made the script executable :

From the ssh command line, issue this command :

chmod u+x name_of_script here

or from inside most FTP programs:

1. click properties for the file and select “Change permissions” or “chmod”

The wording will vary from one FTP program to another.