DNS customization, google apps, etc.


Do you allow DNS customization. My domain DNS is hosted by phpwebhosting, but I would like to point MX records to Google Apps or an additional A record pointing to my IP.


Yes, you can either do your own DNS if you prefer or let us do it. If we do it, all requests for subdomains and domains are added automatically in the control panel.

There is a section to modify your MX record in the control panel. We have many clients using Google Apps for mail.

How do I transfer my domain’s DNS to phpwebhosting.com?

The transfer process should be very easy.

First, make sure you have assigned the domain to your phpwebhosting.com account. Your primary domain name should appear at the top of your control panel and parked domains can be viewed under the “domain” section of your control panel.

If the domain has not already been added to your account, you can add it via the “domain” section of your control panel. You can either make the domain your primary domain by clicking on the link that says “Click here to change your Primary Domain” or park the domain by clicking on the link that says “Add a parked domain”

Once the domain has been added to your account, all you need to do is go to your domain registrar’s website and find the option to change the name servers associated with your domain. You must remove all existing name servers and replace them with the following –


It generally takes about 24 hours for name server changes to take effect, but some registrars take longer. Some registrar’s send a confirmation email so be sure to check the email address that your registrar has on file and reply to the email if necessary.

If your domain does not start resolving to your phpwebhosting.com account within 48 hours, please contact us via the help desk section of your control panel and we will do a ‘whois’ lookup on your domain to determine the problem. Please do not contact our help desk until a full 48 business hours have passed since you made the name server change request at your registrar.

Can I point a subdomain to a cgi script?

Can I point a sub domain at a cgi script?


A subdomain in DNS can only point to an IP. A full URL (ie. a script) is above the level of DNS. DNS only understands
IP’s and domain names. Not full URLs.

You can use the 403 redirect option to have the webserver forward the subdomain request to the URL.

Another approach is to point the subdomain to a sub-directory in the control panel and then have that sub-directory’s index page immediately redirect to your cgi script. You could also use .htaccess to make the filename for your script be one of the index pages.