ftp – I uploaded changes to my site, but they are not displaying online

If uploaded correctly, changes made to your website will display immediately. There is not a waiting period for the server to display your changes (i.e. – the server does not cache anything). The only thing you may need to do is click the refresh button in your web browser in order for it to reload and display your new pages.

If you are making changes to your primary domain, please make sure you uploaded your changes to the www folder in your account. Anything uploaded outside of the www folder will not display on the web. By default, your primary domain will always point to the www folder for it’s content.

If you are making changes to one of your extra domains, please make sure you uploaded your changes to the correct folder for that domain. If you are unsure which folder a domain points to, please go to the domain section of your control panel and click on the link that says “List Extra Domains”.

If you continue to have problems, please let us know the name of the file that you are trying to modify and where it is located inside of your account. Please give me a specific example of a change you made to the file so we can tell the difference between the new and old version of the file.

My CGI script is not working! It worked fine until I uploaded a new copy. What’s going on?


I have a perl cgi script that is not working. I’m sure I have the chmod settings correct and their are no syntax errors.


Unfortunatly there can be many different reasons why a script stops working. The most common is that you made a recent edit to the file that broke it. If you are sure that you did not make any syntax (aka programming) errors in the script, the following may help:

When you upload a script (cgi, perl files, etc.) from a windows computer to a unix-based server, you need to upload them in ascii mode. If not, windows adds some extra control characters at the end of each line that cause the script to not run correctly. Normally your FTP program will switch the mode in the background for you. Sometimes it does not though.

In the future, you can just manually hit the ascii mode switch in your FTP program to make it upload the script in ascii mode. The best mode to keep your FTP program in is usally labeld as “auto”. Keep in mind that in your particular FTP program it may be labeled differently. Each FTP program uses their own terminology.

Most ftp programs in auto mode will do the right thing for each file you upload.

Can I have an additional ftp login that is restricted to a specific directory?

Sure! We can set this up for you. Just send us the username/password you would like and the path to the directory that you would like the additional login to have access to.

Please put “additional ftp request” in the subject line of your help desk request and format the body this way:

account username:
new ftp username:
new ftp password:
path to directory: /home/YOUR_USERNAME/www/NAME_OF_DIRECTORY/

We currently create these new logins by hand so please limit your request. New logins are generally created within 48 hours.