What apache version should I use?



I’m installing a small test environment on my workstation at home. What apache version should I use to match my account at phpwebhosting?


[As a note to anyone who just happened across this FAQ – you do not need your own home webserver, etc. to use your hosting account. This question is aimed at developers who need to duplicate a full test environment on their home or office workstations. Regular users can just upload their files to their server and work on the server.]

We recommend you install apache 1.3.x

Apache 2 is the newer version but nearly all hosts (including us) use the 1.3 versions. Many people report that Apache 2 still has some issues with mod_php and some other popular modules.

However, if you already have Apache 2 installed it should work just fine. For most uses the webserver version will not make much difference. Even the “issues” with mod_php are a bit of a debatable point in the Apache and php communities.

Bottom line – if you’re doing a new install, go with Apache 1.3.x. If you’ve already got an Apache 2 version, use it – it should work fine.