Running a different php version for only part of my website

Q: I want to change my PHP version to for only part of my website. How do I do this? Hi,

A: The recommended method is to make a file called:


(the leading dot is required)

inside the top level directory for which you want to change the php version.

Inside the file put this:

AddHandler custom-php .php .pcgi .phtml .inc .phtml~ .php~ .inc~ .html~
Action custom-php /cgi-sys/php5.3

Replace php5.3 with which ever version you want to run
You can also add other file extensions to the list in the first line.

To run a part of your site as mod_php, add this line to a .htaccess in the directory you want to run as mod_php :

AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php3 .phtml .php .php4 .php~ .php3~ .php4~ .phtml~ .inc .inc~

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