I’ve lost my email password. How can I reset it?

[ Note : These are the complete step-by-step instructions. In many cases, your email password is the same as your control panel password. You may wish to try that password first.]

Here is the best method to reset an email password.

1. Login to your hosting control panel at:


2. If you know your “postmaster” (master) password, skip to step 3. If you do not know your “postmaster” (master) password, click on :

“Password: change”

in the side left section of your control panel.

Here you can change your password. The new password will affect your hosting control panel, ftp and master email password.

3. After you have your master email password, click the “email” link near the top of the control panel.

4. Click “Configure your email accounts”

5. Login here with :

POP Account: postmaster
password: your postmaster password set in step #2
domain: your-domain.com

6. Click :

Edit existing address:

7. Click the red circle under “Modify User” for the user you wish to change the password for.

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