Ruby, capistrano and a VPS

Q: What are my options for Rails?

A: Rails is pre-installed on your server (a few legacy servers may be missing it – if so, contact support). You can create a new app by typing :


at the command line.

An example is :

rails myapp
cd www
ln -s ../myapp/public/ myapp
cd ../myapp/
script/generate controller test
emacs app/controllers/test_controller.rb


def hello
render_text “Hello World!”

next go to:

capistrano is also pre-installed.

However if you are doing a lot of rails development, you may want to consider upgrading to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). A VPS will give you full root access so you can install things like mongrel and other app servers. Enter a support request to have your account upgraded to a VPS. Note: a fee will be involved. Be sure to ask support if you are not aware of VPS pricing.