I have created a mail account, now how do I use it?

To send/receive mail from your domain, you can either set-up a local mail program (running on your computer) or use one of our webmail programs at post.phpwebhosting.com.

The most popular local mail programs are either Outlook (for Windows) or Mail (for a Mac). Most computers come with one or the other pre-installed. Here is a quick tutorial for setting up Outlook –


If you don’t have experience using a local mail program like Outlook, I would suggest starting with one of our webmail programs. They work similar to Yahoo or Hotmail where you simply connect to them via the internet.

To use of of our webmail programs, just go to post.phpwebhosting.com and select which mail program you would like to use (UebiMiau or Nural Storm). Once you select the program, you must enter the name of the mailbox you are trying to access, the password assigned to that mail account, and your domain name. You will then get a web interface with options for sending and receiving mail.

Please see one of our other tutorials for detailed information on using our mail system.

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