Webmin crashing / unresponsive on my VPS – how to fix?

Question: Webmin keeps crashing on my VPS. Why does this happen and how can I fix it?


From our experience, webmin seems to become non-responsive when running on “low memory” VPS’s (typically those with 256 megs of ram or less).

If you attempt to connect to webmin (port 10000 by default) and get an unable to connect message, do the following:

1. ssh in to your server
2. as root, type :

/sbin/service webmin restart

Note, that “service” will restart webmin on a RedHat/Centos based VPS. If you are running a different Linux flavor you’ll need to use the service management for that distribution.

You should also make sure webmin is set to start automatically on reboots by running:

/sbin/chkconfig webmin on

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