VPS maintenance – upgrades, security, etc.


How does maintenance work on a VPS?


Regarding maintenance, we handle all kernel updates (openvz/virtuozzo uses a shared kernel approach so kernel modifications can only be done by us on the host node). To avoid surprises, all other updates are left to you as the administrator of your server to perform. Once you have your VPS you are free to change, modify, delete anything you like so it is not practical for us to make updates as we may mistakenly break things you modified if we did updates.

The one exception is that we reserve the right to force upgrades in a critical situation. For example, if there was a new “0 day” exploit for ssh we would (at our discretion) attach to your VPS and force an upgrade. This option is reserved for rare cases where, in our judgment, it is critical that an update be applied.

If you need full maintenance of your VPS, contact support and we can set up a separate support agreement for your VPS.

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